RS Passbox

RS Passbox

Voltage (V)



transfer the material from lower cleanliness area to higher cleanliness area

Frequency (Hz)





Stainless Steel

Power Source


Pass Box is designed to provide functional support of controlling ingress of particulate contamination in clean room environment as well as in other controlled environment. Further, these pass boxes also allows materials to be efficiently transferred into controlled environment without need of personnel movement. Finding suitability for protecting external environment from egress of contamination, these are perfectly suitable for biological safety laboratory applications. 

Our range of pass box is manufactured with mechanically interlocked glass doors and UV light. These pass boxes are enhanced in compliance with the latest up gradations in the R & D model and specifications.

  • System coming with suitable electromechanical interlock facility that makes these delivers reliable as well as maintenance free functioning
  • Supporting the demands of maintaining clean room integrity through preventing both doors from being simultaneously opened

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