RS Terminal HEPA Filter – Hooded Type

RS Terminal HEPA Filter – Hooded Type

Keeping in mind diverse requirements of the clients, we are offering a quality range of H Hood type terminal modules with HEPA filters.RS Terminal modules are supplied with Mini pleat HEPA filter with circular connecting duct collar with air diffusion plate at air inlet side. It is light weight compared to normal HEPA filter with plenum box.

RS ducted terminal modules are disposable type HEPA filter ceiling modules. They are available in various media pack depths and types to minimize energy costs and minimize total cost of operation.

    Product Overview

    • Lightweight extruded aluminum body
    • Available with micro fiber glass HEPA or ULPA media
    •  extremely durable
    • low pressure drop  
    • Individually tested
    • One-piece aluminum top plate which can be ducted through flexible hose of various diameters.
    • Adjustable diffuser plate
    • Available In both Flange and Box type Construction

    Typical Applications

    • Microelectronics
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Hospitals
    • Food Industry

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